Tasso Institute is internationally prominent in the field of regression therapy.
Tasso teachers are teaching in many countries in Europe and elsewhere. Tasso played a key role in establishing the three-yearly World Congresses Regression Therapy (WCRT), in the foundation of the global association of regression therapists (EARTh), and in defining the Body of Knowledge and Skills (BoKS) that is the reference for establishing, comparing and evaluating regression therapy schools. 

Do you want to know how to achieve deeper permanent healing results with clients? Do you know there is much more possible in this profession? Are you a professional, looking for a real shift? Do you or does your organization need coaching at a deeper level?

On this website you can read about our recognized transpersonal therapy training, our workshops, our books and our refresher courses for practicing therapists.

Tasso Institute offers training programs and workshops in transpersonal coaching and therapy, on college level. We do that in English, German, Dutch and Portuguese. We may do that also in French or Spanish. Our teachers train and lecture around the world.