The Foundation for the Advancement of Applied Transpersonal Psychology, shortly ATPF, located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, has been established March 16, 2017 by Hans TenDam, Netherlands (president); Richard Stammler, USA (secretary) and Athanasios Komianos, Greece (treasurer).

The foundation is a not-for-profit organization. Its goal is the international advancement of transpersonal psychology in general and regression therapy in particular.
More specifically, the foundation aims to further solid professional practice in a young and controversial field.
The foundation seeks to achieve this through the following:
Archive and make accessible documents in this field including books, articles, conference proceedings and research material.
Stimulate documentation of professional practices and techniques as well as scientific research on the methods and results of applied transpersonal psychology.
Award grants to researchers, publicists and students in this field.
Spread knowledge through lectures, publications and the Internet.

The foundation will operate independently, but in close co-operation with the Earth Association for Regression Therapy EARTh.

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Provisionally, our contact address is hwtendam@tasso.nl