Deep Healing and Transformation

September, 2014

Good news! The English book; Deep Healing and Transformation has been published!  It contains almost exactly 255.000 words. After working on the Body of Knowledge and Skills of EARTh, and collecting all the changes and additions of the last ten years of teaching, Hans TenDam rewrote his book on regression completely. He gives a complete and systematic description of his concepts and methods. Absolutely recommended!

The Dutch version appeared after almost two years of work. During the last year he worked on the English translation, containing many last-minute improvements. And now the baby is born.

The book is available on Lulu and at the World Congress for those who want an autograph.
Translations into German and Turkish are scheduled for 2015. For more information about books written by Hans ten Dam, please click here.

Take a peek at the contents:

Hans TenDam
A Manual of Transpersonal Regression Therapy
416 pages, 255,000 words € 37,- ISBN 978-1-312-30365-2


01.1  Characterization and history
01.2  Goal-oriented, problem-oriented and symptom-oriented
01.3  Ten unusual principles
01.4  Exploration, development and therapy
01.5  Reasons to go for regression
01.6  Suitable and unsuitable clients; limits to therapy
01.7  Past-life therapy
01.8  Personalities and subpersonalities; the holographic soul
01.9  Research to date

Click here for the whole manual.