Hans TenDam and Marion Boon at the World Congress - Porto October 2014

The 5th World Congress for Regression Therapy took place in Porto, from 4 till 8 October 2014. The congress honoured the contribution of Roger Woolger to the field, with the theme: ‘Mind healing Body, Body healing Mind in Regression Therapy’.

The pre - congress and congress consisted of a full program of workshops, given by regression - and reincarnation teachers and therapists all over the world. Hans TenDam and Marion Boon of Tasso International were present aswell.

Hans TenDam his preconference institute was about: 'The Firm Touch, Accident Trauma Release and Back Pressure'. His workshop was about: ‘Healing and integrating body parts’. Marion Boon her workshop was about: ‘Mind in Survival, Body in Starvation: On Balance and Burdens and the Phenomenon of Eating Disorders’.

A lot of Tasso graduates gave workshops as well; Yuvraj and Aasha from India, Heike from the Canary Islands and Marc van Hecke from Belgium. Did you know the executive secretary of EARTh once graduated from Tasso as well?

It was a very inspiring week! Look for more information on: http://www.regressioncongress.org/

Everything has an end. The congress is already over, but in 2017 the next World Congress will be held in India, theme being: 'Unlocking Creativity'!