October 23-26, 2015 in Utrecht, Netherlands Teachers: Hans TenDam and Marion Boon

Friday and Saturday: Hans
Resorbing parasitic thought forms. Apart from self energies and non-self energies, we have produced energies that now consume us. They leach on us and even affect our mind. Strong will-charged thought forms may become inhabited. In those shells subpersonalities may reside, occasionally even deceased souls or other entities. We also may create an ideal image of ourselves, which we charge with willpower. The stronger our ideal self, the weaker our real self. And the other way round. When to suspect parasitic thought forms? What kind of parasitic thought forms did we find so far? How to recognize a personification as being a parasitic thought form? What to do about them?

Sunday: Marion
Exploring 'existentials.' Exploring the lines of creation in the basic family, involving inner children, with focus on basic certainty and safety.
Exploration may turn into transformation: sources can change while exploring them.
Frozen potential. An exercise to find core qualities that are suppressed - yet are necessary to live up to one's full potential. The energy of communication. Finding the core quality and the main pitfall. Techniques of karmic transactions help retrieve and release residues of externalized energies that show in communication.

Monday: Hans
Forcefield experiences. A new way to identify problems and resolve them. Not through imaginations, emotions, verbalizations or somatics, but through the immediate kinetic experience of push and pull, lightness and heaviness, direction, movement, mass; centrifugal, centripetal and spiral experiences and so on.

As there has been a request for a very special subject, we will do an extra day, only for those interested.

Tuesday: Hans (extra day)
Dealing with blackness. How to help people to resolve evil influences like tantric curses, macumba and the like?

Each day we will spend an hour after lunch, to discuss problems encountered in practice and to share interesting experiences with clients.
This workshop is only for Tasso-graduates and professional members of EARTh.

You can register for the four-day workshop and separately for the fifth day. For the four-day workshop the fee will be € 600, excluding accommodation, but including lunches. A good hotel, next to our venue, is Hotel NH Centre Utrecht, Janskerkhof 10, 3512 BL Utrecht, Netherlands. See . We may also help you to find simple, but decent B&B near the Institute. The extra day will cost between € 150 and € 250, depending on the number of registrations.

Three weeks before we will send the invoices. Payment by bank transfer, cash or PayPal. We will share names and addresses of the participants for possible travel together. So far we have registrations from Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey and India.

Register by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mention Postgraduate October. Indicate extra day when you are interested in it.