Tasso International is a branch of Tasso Institute BV, a Dutch company. Tasso Institute organizes already many years a 3-year course in transpersonal regression therapy in the Netherlands, it has a small publishing house and it offers now also life coaching modules.


In the following pages you will find a description of what regression therapy is, to what extent it resembles and to what extent it differs from hypnotherapy. It often includes past-life therapy, and that also is described. The different approaches to past-life therapy are listed and discussed. For what kind of problems people may visit a regression therapist? What kind of people may not benefit from regression therapy? And, of course, you may read where we stand in all of this. We try to be as objective as we can, and very clear about our own position.


We talk about transpersonal regression therapy, because we come across many instances in our work where the ordinary boundaries of personality are crossed.


When we apply our methods outside proper therapy, more in the framework of personal development (less regression and more personification and energy work), we find them very useful in coaching settings, leading often to real change in life or work. Because of our extensive experience in management development, our life coaching program is useful for people in both business and public management.


You may also find references to associations and practitioners.